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7 Undergraduate Courses to Help You Stay Relevant

The world is dramatically different in 2022 from the way it was in 2012. New technology has changed the way we do business and industries are shifting toward the digital realm, environmental as well as space exploration and travel.

As we move closer to 2030, it is important to broaden your horizons and go beyond the traditional business, banking and even engineering fields that traditionally dominate educational decisions. This new normal presents enormous employment opportunities and not just job security but immense career growth in fields that will only expand as we move closer towards 2030!

Here are 7 degrees to pursue to seize the new career opportunities of tomorrow!

1. Computer Science

Computer science is a broad field with many applications. Whether you want to be a blockchain expert or you're eager to be the lead programmer for NASA, a computer science degree will serve you well for decades to come. As the world moves more towards digital algorithms and analytics—as well as artificial intelligence solutions—the demand for computer science graduates is growing. In fact, job growth for computer & data scientists is slated to grow by 22% from 2020 to 2030. This discipline will provide you with the flexibility and programming skills needed for industries of tomorrow.

2. Financial Technology

Cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin are changing the way we interact with money. The bedrock of this revolution is the blockchain technology that makes it all possible. If you're interested in this topic, studying financial technology might be a good choice for you. You can learn about technological innovation in the design and delivery of financial products and services—and understand where we are in today's Fintech landscape!

3. Microbiology

As we move forward in the era of pandemics, the solutions to health problems are becoming more complex and the race is on to beat diseases such as cancer and even develop genetic treatments to better human health. With a microbiology degree, you’ll combine the best of traditional biology with modern engineering solutions and public health. You’ll be able to find a career in diverse future-proof industries including medicine, pharmaceuticals as well as biomedical research for food companies.

4. Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is at the core of our civilization's move toward a solar power and green technology future. Environmental engineers are responsible for designing, manufacturing, and implementing electric cars, advancing solar technology, and creating solutions to decarbonize our atmosphere. With an environmental engineering degree, you'll receive a strong education in chemistry, ecology, and hydrology as well as how to apply these concepts in the real world through a framework of engineering.

5. Biochemistry

Biochemistry is at the heart of developing new drugs, medicines and vaccines. In today's world, with threats of new pandemics looming at every corner, the need for talent to develop new vaccines and cures is greater than ever before. By studying biochemistry, you will gain expertise in key fields including pharmacology, and you will learn how chemical reactions at a molecular level can be used to better help mankind live better.

6. Astrophysics

Studying astrophysics will help you learn about physics and the properties of celestial bodies. You’ll dive deep into theories such as relativity and even play with concepts such as bending space-time and even the idea of time travel! As new and innovative companies like SpaceX will start coming up, you’ll be at the forefront of humanity’s next adventure into the unknown.

7. Aeronautics

Aeronautical engineers are in high demand as the need for better technology both in space travel and air travel accelerates. Students looking to pursue an exciting career with diverse paths as well as job longevity should consider pursuing a degree in aeronautics. It is a challenging discipline that combines physics, aerodynamics as well as a strong conceptual understanding of engineering. But the results will be well worth it! You’ll gain access to exciting industry opportunities from space travel to even the military.

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