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International Students’ Guide to Studying in the US

The United States has long been an El Dorado for international students, thanks to the high standard of education from its reputed universities and the quality of life it offers. Although the cost of attendance is high, the number of international students in the country has crossed one million. China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Canada remain the top sources of students for the US, who contribute around $45 billion to its economy. Here’s a look at what America holds for these ambitious, adventurous students:


First, research campus safety before making your study plan. Schools are required by law to disclose crime statistics, and information provided by the student advisors at Educare. Does the institution have a security plan that it shares with students?

To feel safe on campus, it is important to know what facilities are available and when they are open. All campuses have security personnel who are often the first responders in an emergency, even before police arrive. You should save the emergency numbers on your phone, such as local/campus police, designated official and housing warden.

The next step is to research the security in the city or town where the school is located. As soon as you can, try to familiarize yourself with the routes and transport to the city center. US campuses are open to outsiders, and though they are generally safe, take the usual precautions. At home, don't open doors to strangers; always see who's at the door through a peephole. Take care of your belongings, and keep your doors and windows locked.

How the education system works in USA

Learning environment

Campus life

After you arrive



Food and cuisine



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