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Why is an international boarding school education worth exploring?

International boarding school education is a journey of discovery for both students and parents. The experience is unique, and it offers great opportunities to develop independent thinking and global mindedness.

Today’s boarding school students succeed at significantly higher rates than private day and public school students, especially in college and adult life, according to a recent study conducted by the Arts & Science Group of Baltimore for The Association of Boarding Schools, (TABS). The study also found that students are more likely to earn an advanced degree and achieve faster career advancement.

Top Reasons to Go to Boarding School

Academic Experience

Boarding schools offer a rigorous academic curriculum, and provide help for students who need it. Teachers live on campus and are available for student consultation after school and in the evenings. Weekend study sessions are the norm. Faculty members seize important teachable moments in class, on the playing field, and in dorms.

Parents Can be Calm

As a parent, you don't need to worry about your child as much as non boarding school parents do because you know they will be well taken care of where they are and that you could visit them anytime and children can come home regularly. They will also make lifetime friends.

Boarding schools are a great option for children and parents. Going away to school offers your son or daughter the ability to not only focus on their education but also develop social skills. Boarding schools offer students looking for an alternative to traditional learning environments a chance to test themselves in an environment where studies are equal to social interaction. Students become more independent, confident, social and self-reliant, and able to fully concentrate their efforts on their goals without feeling the pressure of having a parental presence in their life every day. The focus of most boarding schools is to prepare the students for university or working life, or to get them ready for their A-levels in the best possible manner.

Learning Is Cool: Harnessing The Power Of Peers

The TABS study found that 78% of boarders reported they are motivated by peers compared to 49% of public school students. Dorm life does not necessarily mean they will be spending all their time studying, but interacting with other students who are just as eager to learn will help them develop the study habits needed for college. Living with students from diverse backgrounds helps expand their worldview, and informs the dialogue in the dorm, at dinner and in the dining hall.

Small Classes Offer Individual Attention

Most boarding schools maintain an average class size of about 12 students. In small classes, teachers can provide individualized attention, and students have plenty of access to their teachers. Humanities classrooms are often set up in the Socratic method, with teachers as facilitators and mentors, who guide students as they try to find their voices. Encouraged to think and share, students actively participate in their learning.

Programs, Coaches And Facilities Are Awesome

There are many opportunities for athletics, the arts, and community service at boarding schools. Students take advantage of extensive facilities including performing arts spaces, visual arts studios, multiple playing fields, indoor courts for basketball and squash, an ice rink, swimming pool and fitness room. Unique athletic offerings such as crew, golf and equestrian training allow students to develop skills local high schools may not provide.

For grades 9–12, consider a boarding school education. TABS survey results show that 78% of American Boarding School students feel well prepared for the non-academic aspects of college life, such as independence, social life and time management. Compare that to 36% of private days and 23% of public school students who say the same thing.

When choosing a boarding school, you can get a feel for what it’s like to be a student by talking to someone who specializes in boarding school placements like Educare Global. We have insider knowledge that will help you select the schools that best suit your children and your interests.


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