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Study in Canada

Canada is a popular study destination for international students. In 2017, almost 500,000 international students studied at all levels in the country—a number that probably explains why Canada is so popular around the world.

  • Engineering
    Engineering degrees continue to provide opportunities for students to gain experience and qualifications in the engineering sector. Educare can help students apply for a range of engineering and technical degrees leading to careers as: Civil Engineer Mechanical Engineer Software Engineer Chemical Engineer Manufacturing Engineer Electrical Engineer Robotics Engineer Mining Engineer Medical Engineer Petroleum Engineer Traffic Engineer Architect Surveyor
  • Master Degree
    Educare also works with many elite business schools that offer Master’s level business degrees such as: Masters of Business Administration Masters of Management Masters of Leadership Masters of Entrepreneurship Masters of Finance Masters of Commerce Masters of International Business Masters of Healthcare Management
  • Sciences
    As an integral part of STEM, Science is an enormously important area of study and science graduates are in high demand. Subject areas that Educare can assist students apply to include: Biological sciences Medical science Medical diagnostics Biotechnology Chemical sciences Data science Ecology and biodiversity Environmental science Forensic science Marine biology Physics Mathematics Actuarial Sciences
  • Health Care
    Health care is one of the most popular areas of study. Due to the aging world population, the current corona virus pandemic and the growing wealth of many countries, the health care industry is growing rapidly. Studying healthcare also assists many students obtain work rights and residency in many countries. Educare can help you to apply for many areas of study in healthcare: Biomedical science Medical diagnostics Counselling Dentistry Environmental health Exercise science and sport Health services management Infection prevention and control Medicine Mental health Midwifery Nursing Nutrition and dietetics Occupational therapy Paramedicine Pharmacy and Pharmacology Physiotherapy Psychology Public health and health promotion Rehabilitation counselling Social work Speech pathology
  • Technology
    Technology continues to be an area of huge demand for students and graduate salaries are consistently high. Educare can help students apply for courses that will help them work in a range of technology related jobs: Computer Science Information Technology Artificial Intelligence Digital Technologies Data analytics Cyber Security Financial Technology Software Development Software Engineering Mobile Application Development Software Networking Project Management
  • Business
    Business studies remains an area of popularity for many international students. Educare can assist you to select the course of study that will best help you with your business career. Areas of study that we can help you apply to include: Accounting Business Commerce Economics Entrepreneurship Event management Finance Financial planning Information systems International business Law Logistics and supply chain management Management Marketing Property and real estate Public administration Public policy analysis Sport management

Top Courses to Study in Canada

Information Technology

More for Students in Canada


Ottawa is a beautiful city located in the eastern region of Canada’s province of Ontario. It’s the capital city and home to Canada’s prime minister and Parliament – but it’s not boring or stuffy at all!


Toronto is a city with a lot of excitement, energy, young people, and historical sites. It’s a multicultural hub that feels like you’re traveling around the world.


Canada is a country full of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, languages and food. Montreal is an ideal spot to experience this diversity as it has a thriving international student community.


Vancouver is known for its scenic routes, breathtaking views and laid-back vibe. The city encourages everyone to be active, especially cyclists.

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